Development Process

Where appropriate, Web Communications employs agile methodologies for project management. This process entails regular meetings throughout the development to discuss and demonstrate requested as well as recommended features and site structures. 

Any needed accounts for the project are created and the initial kick-off meeting with the requesting unit occurs.

A complete inventory of the site content and directories on the server. Additionally, the assigned project manager from the requesting unit is sent a strategy document to review describing the project, goals, and a timeline proposal for the remainder of the project. 

The requesting unit is provided with a proposed information architecture for the site, work estimates, and a plan is made for building any needed web framework customizations the unit needs, if any.

The team builds the site to the agreed upon information architecture and specifications, integrates any needed OVPUE Web Services, and ends with a final production meeting with the project manager and other stakeholder to receive a final sign-off on the finished product.

At this stage of the process units are given access to the site and receive training on how to maintain it without assistance. Also in this stage the final publish of the site takes place, analytics added, search capabilities implemented, and, lastly, any original site(s) are decommissioned and backed up.